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I’ve decided when you move, you should always just replace all of your rugs.  Something about moving the dirt from an old house to a new house never works for me.

I’ve been scouring Rugs USA because they are all 75% off & today is the last day!  Find my picks here & please, tell me your favorites?

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Embracing Change

We’ve had lots of changes around here over the last month & while we are finally starting to feel a little settled, I can’t help but be proud of these two especially.  A new house, a new church congregation, a new school year with a big new school…it’s a lot of new.  We went to Meet the Teacher precisely 4 days after moving the boxes into our new place & to say I felt overwhelmed was an understatement…I also felt hot, really really hot.  Each year I find myself wanting & worrying about different things for my kids.  One needs this, I’m concerned with one about this, hopefully one sorts this out, etc, etc.

In our old place, I would have had it all sorted & what I felt like was ‘under control’ months ahead of time.  I knew the school & loved what it offered.  I knew the teachers & knew just who I thought would be a good fit for each child.  It would have been easy for me.  In our new place, I was at the mercy of a few friends & their experiences (which were so valuable) but other than that, I had nothing to go on.  I didn’t know the layout, the curriculum or even the schedule.  And so…we found out lots on Meet the Teacher.  A few things:

Their new school is huge.  Perhaps it is actually just normal, but comparatively from where we came from, which was a small charter school, this place felt like a high school campus.  I might have had a mild panic at the thought of sending my little daughter through those gates to navigate all that…I mean, I’m 33 and was struggling.

Their new school starts early.  Like really early.  On the flip, it gets out early & my kids are up anyway…but just cause they are up, I usually wasn’t & man alive, by 8 pm, I need toothpicks, or Parenthood to keep my eyes open.


Zack’s teacher is amazing.  I was worried the most about him making the change & holy cow, he hit the teacher jackpot (thank you friend for the head’s up!).  She is kind, organized & on her game.  I kind of want to be in her class too.  Major bonus is she also has a student teacher, which is like 2 for the price of 1.  He came home from school the first day & declared it, ‘the best first day of school ever!’ So grateful he gets this experience.

IMG_7825 2

Liv’s teacher, while I don’t know her as well, is equally awesome.  I was hardly worried a bit about her making the change, because she tends to do well with it.  I did, however, worry about her navigating her whereabouts though & man, she’s got it down.  I’ve had to depend a lot on Zack to coordinate meeting with her and coming to pick up and helping her at drop off & they’ve managed to take care of each other, which I wish they did at home too!  On the one day that they didn’t meet, she didn’t panic & found her way & I love that about her.

It’s been a month full of new experiences for all of us.  New friends, new places, new challenges & while sometimes it makes me want to hang on tighter and tighter to them, I realize I actually have to do just the opposite.  I have to step back & let them sort it out.  It is the only way they will grow into the people I hope the become.  Independent. Problem Solvers. Good Choice Makers.  If I’m always over their shoulder letting them know what the good choice is, they never have the opportunity to think it through on their own, which won’t yield the results I want.

I’m pretty sure it’s been one of the harder things I’ve had to do as a parent…but when they experience success & realize it was them & not me, well I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

Here’s to a great year!


Skate it Out


The week before we moved found my parents out of town & as such, my little brother was home alone…and always showing up at our house right around dinner time.  I don’t think it was by coincidence & we definitely weren’t sad about it.  He’s always such a good sport to wrestle, shoot baskets or skate with my kids.  Even in the heat…


These 3 definitely worked off their dinners.


And Scot proved he can still out skate them both, with less effort…see him in the back there?


But Max…well Max out did them all with his skillz.

Back to School Dinner


We got ‘moved in’ to our new house 4 days before school started.  Naturally, I packed a bin full of decor & treats prior to moving for our back to school dinner.  I’m not sure if that was brilliant or nuts, but it worked out, so I’m calling it a success.  Scot & I spent a little time discussing what we wanted the kids to focus on this school year.  It’s a big one for them, coming from a small charter school, to a big public school.  Lots of new & unfamiliar things were headed their way.  As I mulled it over, the theme from the latest Cinderella movie kept coming to mind.  I knew Liv would really love hearing this again & again throughout the school year & I thought it applicable to our circumstances.  And so, from here on out, they will be encouraged to ‘have courage & be kind.’


Have courage to be in the right place at the right time.

Have courage to try new things.

Have courage to fail and then try again.

Have courage to be a leader.

Have courage to use kindness in the face of harshness.

Be kind. Be kind. Be kind.  We talked a lot about what kindness looks like & feels like.  I’m excited to work on it not only at school, but at home as well.



We set a relatively fancy table with fresh flowers & banners we had made before moving from old book pages sewn together.




On each plate we gave each of the kids new books to stick their noses into.  Liv & I are reading this one & so far it’s a keeper!

I’m grateful for the foresight I had in prepping this ahead of time.  We’d had such a busy couple of days that it was invaluable to have something structured, planned & prepared that gave us all a moment to breath & reset our clocks.  I love the start of school.  It signifies a fresh beginning & is a time I always like to begin new goals.

August 21, 2015 - 12:00 pm

Tahnie - You are the cutest mom and such an inspiration! xoxo.

Lunchbox Love

School starts in a week & I find myself in the same place I find myself every year: happy & sad.  It’s a weird space to be in but it usually motivates me to soak in the last week with all my little people home & under foot.  It motivates me to skip sweeping to instead create meaningful time with them before they are gone for most the day.

Most summers I start with great gutso, creating moments & magic, then my ambition starts to fade, and their argumentativeness starts to increase & we have a couple weeks where we are in a standoff.  I turn into a drill Sargent reminding myself that I will NOT be raising over-indulgent, entitled little people.  They WILL know the value of hard work & dang it, I am going to show them. We work hard, accomplish a lot & I make my kids cry on the regular by enforcing crazy things like, unloading the dishwasher before they play.  Then I look at my calendar & the panic sets in that I’ve wasted my time!  It’s going whether I want it to or not & I am able to push through our standoff & again create moments & magic, where in my mind we are frolicking through fields of wildflowers.  You know, summer magic.

We are within a week of school starting & now my mind is wandering to how I can still get my nose into their day.  I know some days are going to be hard.  Some days they will feel rejected, left out & lonely.  I created these ‘Lunchbox Love Notes’ a couple years ago & while I’ll probably make some new ones here soon, I wanted to re-post these so that you could use them too.  To remind those little darlings of yours that while that test might have been harder than they thought, you love them & have their back.


You can print them out here and add your own little note & start spreading the love.

Share them via Pinterest & Facebook below.