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Summer Shoes

Like every girl, I love shoes, especially summer shoes.  What can I say, they always fit!  Since I am mostly a tee+jeans kinda girl, a fantastic pair of shoes always manages to pack the punch I usually want.  Here are some of my favorite sandals for summer.  Quick & easy.


Summer Shoes

If you are looking for ultimate comfort, please get the brown criss-cross ones…they come in black too & if anyone loves me, feel free to package those up for my birthday.  I have flare ups of plantar fasciitis on the regular & I’m almost positive these babies would be covered under my insurance they’d help my tootsies so much.

You can find them all + a few others here:

Oh What do You do in the Summertime?


Today is the last day of school in these parts & while we’ve had a mild May, temperatures will be on the rise.  While we spend plenty of time in bathing suits (my youngest is especially fond of them!) I love a good indoor toy that keeps everyone busy & happy.

Our favorite toy right now is Magformers.  Easier than legos & dare I say more fun?!?  We have a big bin & I find myself pulling them out whenever there is a lull.  It’s not uncommon for me to join in.


We have a big bin & I find myself pulling them out whenever there is a lull.  It’s not uncommon for me to join in.  We’ve built rockets & ferris wheels & served up pizzas.  We love to play with them out front on the lawn…


but mostly they are spread all over my coffee table on the regular.  They’ve recently added turn styles & now the possibilities are about endless.  If you’re looking for a good toy for all ages use code OLIVELANE to receive 20% off thru 5/31.

Favorite Handwritten Fonts

After designing for 10+ years, I’ve come to be an encyclopedia of fonts.  I can usually call them by name & there are some that make my heart swoon and others that make me cringe when I see them…Comic Sans, you know who you are.  Lately, I’ve added a few new handwritten fonts to my arsenal & I find myself going to them again & again.  Hopefully you like them too.

Fonts I love

30 Meals in 30 Days: What I learned

30 Meals in 30 Days

When I had the idea to do 30 meals in 30 days my original thought was to do 30 NEW recipes.  I had gotten into a rut.  Dinnertime was stagnant.  Unplanned.  Unorganized.  Rushed…and it made me grouchy.  Everyday I had a million reasons why I couldn’t make dinner.  My husband wasn’t going to be home.  The kids had practice.  It was too nice outside to spend my time inside cooking.  The kids weren’t going to eat what I made anyway.  On and on it went.

I started out, armed with a handful of new recipes, I pulled from my collection of pins on Pinterest.  Two meals in & I didn’t like either one, like at all.  I was frustrated & thought why in the world am I making the effort to make these recipes when I knew I had better ones, that I really really liked.  So I pulled out all my recipe books & made a list.  A list of every recipe I had made & liked & then I got to cooking.

Initially it was hard to come inside when the weather was calling my name.  It was hard to have a messy kitchen with a husband still at work & kids to get to bed.  It was hard to realize I was missing one ingredient & load up the kids to run to the store.  It was hard to have them not eat things some nights. It was hard to plan & prepare a grocery list.  Initially.

And then it became easier.  I got smarter in how I cooked.  I paired meals back-to-back that used the same meat, so I could prep it the first night & make the second night easier.  I doubled some recipes & stashed the extra in the freezer for those busy nights.  As I practiced I was able to cook faster & more organized.

And I wasn’t too hard on myself.  While the meals posted on here in a consecutive 30 days, I probably actually cooked them over a period of 40 days.  We did date nights on Saturdays still & when a friend invited us to Chick-fil-a on nights when both our husbands were away, I didn’t hesitate to accept.  The goal wasn’t to cook a perfect 30 days in a row, the goal was to be better about preparing & having family dinner each night.  And that goal was met.

What started as an attempt to revamp my dinner recipes by bringing in 30 new ones, ended up as a lesson that I already had everything I needed.  I didn’t need new recipes in order to have family dinner.  I needed to have a change of heart.  Where dinnertime was the rule & not the exception.  By the end of it, I realized how good dinnertime was, not just for my kids, but for ME.  Each night as we gathered around the dinner table with no distractions, I was reminded how much I loved each one of those kids…even the ones that had driven me about batty that whole day.  It was a chance to re-set before bedtime.  We were all able to catch up on each others days & laugh about what had happened.  Each night we’d each deliver our highs & lows from the day & as lows were said, I usually couldn’t help but be overcome with immense gratitude.  When your low from the day is that you didn’t have a cold Diet Coke in the fridge when you wanted one {true story} you realize you live a pretty charmed life.  It was a time for my kids to learn from each other as they shared about their days.  It wasn’t uncommon for them to try to solve each others dilemmas and I hope that never changes.

Don’t get me wrong, while the pros outweighed the cons, it wasn’t ‘perfect.’ There were some nights where no one ate a thing.  I just decided that was okay.  There were some nights where kids argued the whole time I was cooking.  But for the most part, they were doing things like this…

which meant tracking in mud & going through 10 beach towels.  Again, I decided that was okay.  It was okay if the yard was a mess.  It was okay if I had more laundry to do, I’d get to it sometime.  It was okay, because I was making dinner & they were having fun.

How To: Coffee Filter Garland

Last week, I posted about this little lady’s birthday party…and all you all could talk about was that coffee filter garland.  I can’t say that I blame you…it’s pretty amaze & pretty simple to make too.  So here’s the how to:


The first thing you will need to do is ‘tint’ your coffee filters.  I will tell you that while simple, this is a bit time consuming & tedious.  I will also tell you that I use it all.the.time. & have people borrowing mine all.the.time.  So it’s worth the investment, but there is an initial investment.

The magic tint is right in your kitchen:


I used red…and a little yellow.  Fill a spray bottle with water, then add your food coloring.  I never measured my ratios & never kept them consistent because I wanted an ombre effect.  Now here’s where your investment comes in…you will have to spread out each & every coffee filter & spray it with the water, then let it dry.  I laid out an old tablecloth that I let me kids use when we are painting & just started laying them out & spraying them.  Then I’d bag them in a garbage bag while they were still wet.  I didn’t pack them in too heavy & we live in Arizona, where we are known for our ‘dry heat’ but it still took 2-3 days for them to be completely dry.  I just wanted to get all my spraying done in one day.

Once they are dry, you will string them on yarn.  You’ll need yarn + quilting needles for this.  While I used 1,000 coffee filters, they are not all on one string.  I didn’t measure out enough the first time & so I tied that one off & started another one…which I then pulled to hard on & broke the string.  So I again, tied it off & started another one, for a total of 3 different garlands, which as proven beneficial. Once you have them strung, you just scrunch the filters & you are done…finally.

For ease, here is your supply list


Coffee Filters (I used 1,000!)

Red food coloring (or whatever you choose)

Spray bottle


Quilting Needles

Let me know if you make it & hashtag it #olivelanecrafts so I can see it on instagram!


May 14, 2015 - 12:46 pm

Kelly Kimbrough - I can’t wait to try this using a turquoise ombré effect! Such a fabulous idea. Will tag you when it’s done!

May 14, 2015 - 11:03 pm

Kara Pothier - Thanks for sharing Amy!

May 16, 2015 - 1:25 pm

Alyson Weaver - After seeing your Instagram post, I started making one. I started out with spray bottle, but decided to try speeding up the dying and drying process. I dunked a stack in a bowl of my food-color water mixture…squeezed out excess…and then threw them in the dryer for 5min or so. It worked

May 17, 2015 - 2:38 pm

Amy - Oh that is brilliant! I might even have to make another in a different color…thanks!

May 17, 2015 - 2:39 pm

Amy - Yes! I want to see it!