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High School Called…They Want Their Friends Back

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With one of my closest friends from high school moving across the country (I swear this is the summer of moves!) I had to take the opportunity to get the old gang back together.  Most all of us still live close & a lot of us still see each other on the regular, but not usually all together.  Facebook is a glorious thing for tracking people down!  A few quick messages & I had all the numbers gathered & I sent out a big group text.

Chaos ensued & I might have participated in THE most funny group text in the history of ever.  50% of what made it so great was that while I knew everyone’s number, not everyone else knew everyone’s number.  Make sense?  So as the big group text is going on, I had other texts coming in from friends saying, ‘who is 555-1234?’  We all quickly reverted back to our 15 year-old selfs, as the sarcasm & inside jokes flew.  I had a moment where I thought, ‘what in the world would have happened if we could have all texted in high school?!?’

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the orginals

I honestly have so so so many cherished memories with these people & the older I get the more grateful I am for the good friends I had in high school.  No one in this group was going to get away with too much without us calling each other on it & I’ve realized that is a rarity.  To this day, some of these people are still my closest confidants.  The people I can call no matter how much time as passed & say, ‘what do you think?’ and know they will tell me what I need to hear…even if it isn’t what I want to hear.

While none of us got into much trouble…with the exception of sinking a car, we had so much fun together.  The boys were always planning bonfires, lake trips, rappelling, hiking, you name it, we were going.  The girls…well we were always up for it & it was always a rule that you had to get in the water if you were on the boat.  No exceptions.

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the originals + spouses

And while I loved the ‘originals’ I might love some of their spouses even more!  Really.  It was such a fun night to re-live all our antics with some stories growing over the years & some stories I never even remembered!  We determined we have to do it again.

photo credit: Kara Pothier, my favorite spouse.:)

July 1, 2015 - 9:41 pm

Kara - We are good together, aren’t we?! It was a fun night.

Take Me to the Beach…Please

I have summer on the brain…the beach specifically.  If I was packing my suitcase today, this is what I’d be bringing with me.

Summer Nights



One night this week after dinner, my kids pulled out my all-time, most favorite books of ours.  I’m pretty sure I’ve written about them before, but as my kids get older, the activities in them continue to evolve & impress me.  It was just the evening distraction we needed before bed after a long day of swimming & fun.


Liv’s Daring Book for Girls teaches all about how to play softball & the history of Joan of Arc, but also, how to grow & build the perfect sunflower fort…you know important things every little girl needs to know.


Zack’s version, The Dangerous Book for Boys includes the word ‘dangerous’ in the title, which is like music to any 8-year-old boy’s ears.



I forget what exactly he was reading about here…but apparently it was shocking.  Luckily, he moved right along from there to table football…am I the only one that remembers that game from high school?  I had to do a quick read of the instructions again, but we had ourselves a pretty solid family tournament…where we learned some are better at this silly game than others.


June 25, 2015 - 1:09 pm

Laura Muir - What a cute post! I’ve got to get my hands on those books! Elena would love it!

Recipe: Cottage Cheese Frito Dip


With Father’s Day this past Sunday I found myself in the kitchen cooking up some of our family’s favorites…


with a few ‘helpers’ of course! This dip has been in our arsenal since forever & if I hadn’t had it before, I’d be hesitant to try it, BUT since I’ve been enjoying it my whole life, I’m well aware of it’s binge eating powers.


It’s chock full of chopped veggies, which surely counter-acts the amount of Frito’s you will surely consume with it.  I don’t ever measure but for frame of reference, this time I used a bigger thing of cottage cheese, a whole avocado, and an entire can of diced green chilies.


Cottage Cheese, small curd

diced tomatoes

diced green chilies (4.5 oz can)

green onions, sliced

avocado, diced