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Poolside Dreams

If I had an unlimited budget, this would be my starting point…but since I don’t & since I’ve already bought a different umbrella, there are going to be lots of changes to this idea board.  But it was my starting point & is how I want it to function, which is most important.  Thought I’d share it, since now a lot of these things are on sale.


Find them here:

sectional // rug // umbrella // towel // planters // chaises // pillow1 //  pillow2 // side table

Meet Me at the Carwash

With a new house on the horizon, I’ve committed to cutting back my lifestyle, like a lot.  Scot & I have some big, big goals & I actually think we can meet them relatively quickly, but it means seriously cutting back.  I’m positive it will be worth it in the long run & I’m positive I can actually enjoy the process.  But I’m learning to re-think my thought processes on a lot of things and this is probably another post for another day.  In that thought process, I decided I’m not paying for car washes anymore.  My kids are old enough now that they can actually be of help…and this is like the biggest treat for them.  So why deny them the opportunity.


Was it the best carwash I’ve ever received?  No.  But did it get the job done?  Yes.  It was the perfect thing for a summer day & we all had fun.  Calling that a win on all fronts.

July 24, 2015 - 11:22 am

Katie Zaharis - How did I not know you had a shop and a blog for so long? Love it all! Good luck with the upcoming move!

Book Club


Summer library days always rank at the top of my list.  Growing up a book worm and hoping to become one again someday, I can’t help but try to continually convince my kids to get lost in a book.  Little do they know, that I would never interrupt them to clean or run errands if I found their noses buried in a book.  Zack is getting to a really fun age where he can get through a good chapter book without a problem.

Last week after returning from a trip, one of our first stops was the library to get stocked up on good books.  After an early morning lawn mow, I came out to the patio to find Zack like this:


You can bet it set my heart aflutter…especially with his toes poking out of his socks there.  We had started reading it together with Liv & Max the night before & this one held a lot of promise, so naturally I had to convince him to let me read it aloud, mostly because I didn’t want to miss any parts!  With disconnected parents who were too lazy to name both their twins, so they go by Barneby A and Barneby B, and kids that are scheming to get rid of them…we can’t help but laugh at all of their silly attempts, rules, games & misfortunes.


Meanwhile the other two kept busy, post yard work, making waterslides.

If you’re looking for a good book to read, try The Willoughbys, by Lois Lowry.  It has had us in stitches & we can’t wait to read it each night…or morning…or whenever.

July 28, 2015 - 10:29 pm

Nancy Nielsen - hello! while looking up this book (the willoughbys) i found it interesting that the author uses large words and then gives the definition of the word and an example. She mentions the mormon missionaries as, “affable.” too funny! what a compliment to the missionaries! :)

Dear Darling: My Little Boyfriend

Dear Darling,

Last week we laid in bed together after you had been gone playing at friend’s all day.  I asked you how your day went & what you did.  You aren’t too long on the stories & said it was fine & fun.  Lucky for me, your friend’s mom posted a pic on Instagram of you & your buddies all gathered around a patio table…she said you were all discussing girls.  I giggled a little when I saw the post, but made a mental note to follow up with you.

So there we were laying in bed, past your bedtime, with dad out of town & me awfully tired.  I asked you what girls you were talking about at that patio table.  You shot right up out of bed & were flabbergasted.  “How did you KNOW we were talking about girls?!?”  You were shocked I could have the inside scoop & I remembered conversations with my own mom, when she’d know things before I even got home.  I giggled to myself again…this is getting more fun.  I didn’t tell you how I knew, I just told you I always know.  Just like my mom told me.  You tried to wrestle it out of me, but I held strong & continued to remind you that I will always know.  Its good for you to remember that your mom will always find out, one day it will help keep you in check.

But that night, it didn’t matter so much & we chatted about the girls you liked to play with.  The ones that call you ‘perfect hair’ in first grade & the ones that play soccer with you at recess.  I laughed at all your observations & then asked you if you could hang out with any girl, who would it be.  And without hesitation you replied, ‘you.’

My heart melted. The feeling is mutual, my little boyfriend.  I’d choose you too.


Recipes: Raspberry Delight


Growing up, we spent most of our summer days at my grandmother’s house in Utah.  We’d spend the days with cousins swimming, rollerblading & playing barbies.  Then we’d come home to my grandma’s & she’d have dinner waiting & then serve this for dessert.  We’d often enjoy it with the whole fam bam on her front porch, which was always in full bloom with flowers.  I could go on & on about her flair for hosting, she always did it up just right.  I made this recipe for a friend’s baby shower years ago & then forgot about it.  It wasn’t until last month when another friend called & asked if I’d make it for another shower.  She was a little hesitant, thinking it was probably complicated…I was so happy to accept this assignment, because it is the easiest!


(in this pic, I mixed up 3 pints)

Raspberry Delight

1 pint pineapple sherbet (the hardest part might be finding this!)

1 1/2 bananas, sliced

frozen raspberries

Directions: Set out pineapple sherbet & let soften, about 1 hour.  Pour into mixing bowl, that you have a lid for and mix sherbet with bananas & raspberries, to the consistency that you like.  On the batch above, I used 3 pints & 2 small bags of frozen raspberries to give you an idea, but like most things, I usually just wing it.  I’ve also used fresh & frozen berries & like frozen better.

After you mix, put back in freezer until frozen.